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Of course Im not always right, but Im more right than wrong. Any news, opinions, research, data, or other information contained within this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment or trading advice.

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Problem is that how you are able to do that? I worked with brokers in the past years and trade my own account too. Many times, a sell side dealer will base some of their risk management around their order book. Image Credit: I know of some people who have a strategy getting a feel for these type of trades that comes into the market and last thing you know price moves 10 to 20 pips straight.

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We want to pay commission and not pips to trade, and we want level 2 access. Brokers that facilitate individual transactions also have an order flow book.

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Of course you face a bigger problem, now you need to educate yourself, and try to understand the information, meanwhile there is not a single source that can educate you about this matter. There is usually a primary and secondary dealer. If volume is greater than open interest, you know the trade is new. Download the short printable PDF version summarizing the key points of this race options broker. The flow of orders can be very valuable to a market maker or broker, as it describes the underlying momentum associated with the movements in a currency pair.

Each order flow book is different and shows you the volume along with the price.

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Trying to see who place big orders what are their intentions Try to figure out how the hide their orders and why they do it. I wont stop you.

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This does not mean that a trader can front run a trade, as the customer nearly always has the option of canceling the trade if the exchange rate has not reached the trigger level. Futures trading on the other hand, will provide traders with sufficient volume to determine a fair price. Banks have investment banking and corporate finance clients who are cross sold, which can stretch across the forex environment.

Unless you have an institutional account with a reliable feed lowest latency and able to capture.

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Dont think since they are banks they are the masters in everything, no they are not, just have bit more money than you to stay in the game more longer. While these scenarios might incur additional credit use, it can be unwound a few days later, making it so neither dealer understands exactly what their customer was doing.

Level 2 Forex - ECN Broker with Order Book Market Depth Order flow is the only way to make money.

Or its the supply and demand tells the market where it goes? While the order flow book is extremely valuable, there will be times when it will not work as customers are aware of how an order flow can benefit a dealer.

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Many other issues which I will talk about later, like are you able to place trades within spreads? See what they are thinking and try to jump in front them or do the exactly the opposite. The world is full of forex traders.

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Making you work hard and lose money easy. The two tools described here are useful for picking reversals and finding strong support and resistance levels in the market.

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