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We go through avocados quickly so I love picking up a bag and these teeny tiny avocados are my new obsession. I topped my Mediterranean Farro Salad with sun-dried tomatoes.

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Read more about honey in my unrefined sweeteners guide. This calculator will help you find the right amount for you. Cacao powder is less processed and more nutrient dense than regular cocoa powder.

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Simple, right? Top your lunchtime salad with this low-calorie protein, prepared with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a touch of oil. Fiber, abundant in fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains, helps regulate bowel movements. Regular and White Balsamic Vinegar I always have a good vinegar on hand for dressings or marinades.

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Right up my alley. I love them on their own or dipped in basically any dip… especially guac. Purge the unhealthy eats from your pantry and refrigerator and stock your kitchen with these instead.

Icelandic yogurt, also knows as skyr, is similar to greek yogurt but a little less tart and slightly creamier. These low-calorie foods are prepacked and require almost no effort to prepare. Heat one up in the microwave or on the stove top and enjoy.

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Candied Ginger. Cacao Powder Another pantry staple. Simply the Best Trek Mix Does this even need an explanation? Now you can find it in the fresh or frozen section and it is worth hunting down! I really like baking with almond flour for gluten-free, paleo treats! Grape Tomatoes A great salad topper or quick, poppable snack to healthy options from trader joes on hand!

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They have a huge selection. Sprouted bread. Per cup, this organic soup contains just calories and 6 grams of fiber. Pretty self explanatory — season meat, beans and even veggies for amazing tacos or taco salad bowls!

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What works best for me is dividing it up into baggies for perfectly portioned snacking. To keep your digestive system happy, strive to get the daily recommended amount healthy options from trader joes fiber—25 grams for women and 36 grams for men. I love their organic carrots! Vegetarian Tamales!

I feel like it went viral and was rarely in stock! Coconut Aminos Have you ever tried coconut aminos? Turkey bacon. Cooked Beets Another pre-prepped veggie I love to keep on hand!

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I use the gluten-free rolled oats for overnight oats. Cheese lovers rejoice! A serving of this frozen cauliflower crust, healthy options from trader joes one-sixth of the pie, contains just 80 calories. Peanut butter with chia and flax!

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I love them on their own or dipped in essentially any sauce. Load a heaping spoonful into a wide, shallow bowl and layer in your favorite veggies, like roasted sweet potato, spinach, broccoli and beet.

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Avocado oil can be expensive so give this one a try! Top with a few slices of avocado for a show-stopping Buddha bowl. It has great coconut flavor and is wonderful for baking, cooking and even using on your skin or hair.

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Try these carrot raisin almond flour muffinsthese 3-ingredient crackers and these almond flour crescent cookies. I love keeping coconut milk on hand for currieschia puddingdairy-free butter chickensmoothies, oat bowls…so many things!

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Now you can enjoying the same zesty flavor disney work from home guest services fewer calories and carbohydrates. I like to use it in baked goods in place of plain white sugar! Dried Sweet Pineapple unsulfered.

These are so great and easy for entertaining. I will never stop loving it.

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Miscellaneous Try them in this Beet Power Salad! I love the crunchiness of this nut butter and how I get extra nutrition in. Raw organic honey. Punch up the fiber by pairing one cup of this soup with a slice of calorie whole grain toast, or enjoy the whole container without the guilt.

Try the veggies with this stir-fry recipe.

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Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds Okay another guilty pleasure. Sometimes they curb my sweet tooth too. I love having these on hand for a quick and easy protein upgrade for salads and bowls. Serve it with eggs, toast and fruit for a filling breakfast.

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This one is great if you are looking for a light snack. Download the app on your iOS or Android device, and log the size and quality of your daily meals.

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I love how inexpensive they are too! Again, anything. These gluten free oats are my favorite to enjoy in the morning or to bake with. Other options? I love the steel cut oats in this creamy steel cut oats or this apple cinnamon baked steel cut oatmeal recipe.