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Old school economics asserts that markets are always rational because they are stable and self-correcting due to the fact the participants are rational. I want to chart the Open Interest as well seems like no free service does that? The small traders may have a spread as a position, but their individual positions are not reported since spreading in this group is relatively small.


Introduction to forex bank trading strategies are a guide to what type of individuals report the contracts and there is some evidence to suggest a small amount of cross contamination. Although you will never know what information they have at their disposal, by examining the COT data, you can see what positions they take. This is just a brief and extremely short explanation of the COT report if you wish to find anything more about this report please feel free to ask me.

Though there are Artificial Intelligence systems that collectively read news and sentiments via rss feeds, tweets, headlines, API services, etc Instructions on how to add the new week's data is included on the first page.

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I updated the issue with date not properly copying. And at times In best metatrader 4 robot, however, the commercial mix is more heavily weighted toward fabricators who buy long contracts as a hedge against future inventory needs.

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Examples include farmers, international businesses, miners, and processors. How would you interpret this paragraph from Larry's book about COT reports: You either make money or you don't. If all positions were summed together, you would have a straight line, since they would neutralize each other in total.

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Conversely, if the VIX is relatively low, showing strong confidence in the market, then the U. Thanks for your help. This also works in reverse, obviously I. Alternatively, just tell me what the formula for the stochastic would be and on what columns from the report to apply it which open interest columns, the total open interest all and the changes in open interest or others?

I would love to hear some feedback if this was helpful or other useful features to add on later versions. Added update macro to fix that.

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Always, it is an intuition for profit. Now, if the VIX is showing a high level of volatility and fear, which direction do you think the U. The total long positions will equal the total short positions for all three groups.

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Look for an opportunity to short when when price keeps increasing yet net positioning decreases or remains flat. I think the instructions for operating are straight forward, if you need any help let me know. Often times this contagion becomes universal.

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Nov 22, It is this: Hyperfish, let me ask you to stick around, after a few post you should understand how I use the tools I have at my disposal. This is the key point in all of this. Mar 12, 8: They are speculative traders, who are generally classified as fund managers.

You can also lock the range.

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Mar 27, 3: The COT data is one of the best tools i have found. Obviously the green circle is indicating a Buy, the red circle a Sell signal.

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My goal is to introduce them to it and teach them the basis of COT analysis. All the arithmetic is done for you. Hello, brothers and sisters! Thread Tools. Member 25 Posts In cot forex factory futures trading, the Commitments of Traders COT report is the only source of insight into the market positions of the key players.

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The key factor here is confidence. To simplify and not get into much detail the COT report consists of hedgers commercialspeculators non-commercial and small speculators and hedgers combined non-reportable.

The good thing about it, is that I have the option of defining the range myself, example:

Attached Images click to enlarge Aug 2, 6: This doesn't come as often as the first two, but a lot of money can be made this way. They are assumed to be the most successful, albeit there are times when the large speculators will indicate the strength of their commitment as greater than the other two groups.

Something else? Gold futures Did you figure that out, it's confused me as well. There are three ways that I use to profit from COT data: I've attached the spreadsheet I created. Aug 19, 6: However, I'm a little stuck and I'm hoping one of you can help. Actually here I can show you a Buy and a Sell signal from Commercials close to each other in time.

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So, again you need to look at the net change in positions from the previous report or several of the recent reports. For example, charts like Order Flow Analytics OFAfootprint and bookmap it can get the trader one step nearer the action, by providing a liquidity map. I hold positions over a few months and as a result i have large draw downs.

The most common use of the COT report is the euro futures. It was not a really mathematical approach, so less professional.

Further, there are no guarantees. Start finding selling opportunities when net positioning has become extremely long judging by the last 5 years and it agrees with some other indicators you use. And whatever fears there are — political, social or economic — are calculated risks in business. The raw data is unlocked, you can add any other charts, pivot tables, or other reports you want.

Hope this helps you make more money.

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However, some traders use the futures market for other currency pairs. Fixed a minor issue with treasury import and you must have the new file for it to work correctly.

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Please redownload the file. Now, the reason: The benefit of this tool is I designed it to give you the desegregated data charts along with the COT Index charts. This is beneficial because you lock the range, expand data time, mark the extremes, and then you can look at lesser data window for when extremes occur. The market is my nation. Swaps have become so large that they actually skew what is occurring, not all data services use the new desegregated cot forex factory but the old data format with the swaps included.

Some folk believes that PA is chevy work from home. Thanks for the effort.

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Nobody knows when, but there are tools that can signal the stresses building up inside the mountain. The data range for the chart can be quickly and easily changed by pressing the button.

What is logical for a single person, a cutback in consumption is fatal when implemented by all people.

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Some traders do like to take the opposite sides of the trades on which the small trader in the C. I've been wrong before, so I'm often told. The COT reports contain a myriad of raw numbers, far too many for the average person to comprehend.